How To Live An Affordable College Lifestyle



collegeCollege is a beast when it comes to eating through your finances, it doesn’t matter how much you save, there will always be temptation keeping you from your goals. If you’re a college student, and your wondering how you can save more money but still live a fun and healthy lifestyle, these tips will come in handy. The first thing a college student spends money on besides books is food. Not just regular grocery store food, expensive restaurant food that can add a huge dent in any wallet. Instead of heading out to buy a meal at your local restaurant, visit your local supermarket, and buy your own fresh food. It’s cheaper and it lasts longer. The next habit that must be broken are those trips to the theater. Movie tickets and the cost of movie food is rising every year, one date to the movies could easily set you back forty dollars. Instead, why not rent a movie and stay home and enjoy the food you already have, and the bonus is, it’s free. Having a free checking and savings account is also beneficial. Look for a bank that specializes in dealing with college students. Work with your bank to draft a financial goal plan, and you will live your college life debt free.


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