Credit Cards Are Out And Digital Wallets Are In



walletThe world of buying and selling is changing, and that means credit cards are actually becoming obsolete. Things are changing, and no more do people have the urge to swipe plastic. Buying is becoming more conventional, and more digital. Who needs a credit card, when you have a phone? A new technology that is making checking out faster than a swipe is causing a stir among consumers. NFC (near- field communications) is a popular way that consumers are checking out their purchases. It’s basically a digital wallet. Why carry cash when you have a phone? That’s exactly what NFC is all about, paying for things by cellphone.

Paying by cellphone is so popular, that many countries from overseas, like China have already started to make this new transaction the common way to pay for things. Credit cards aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but you can’t deny how amazing it would be to buy some ice cream with the swipe of your cellphone. Although NFC (near- field communications) is a great way to purchase items, you can’t forget that with digital purchases, comes the onslaught of fraud. That’s why it is always important no matter technology you use, that you are always aware of your surroundings.


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